the monkey club Review

The Monkey Club Party

What I liked:

  • A super stylish and classy environment!
  • A group of top quality people.
  • An abundance of play areas to choose from.
  • An abundance of toys and some play equipment.
  • Fantastic hosts.

Our experience:

It was our second time at this gorgeous venue and it was nice to experience the different parties they run. This one was for couples and single ladies only and there were at least 16 couples; most were gorgeous and lots of fun so it made it easy to get into the night.

Now one thing to note is that often there is a theme for nights like these, which I knew as I’d been emailed about the theme at least a week before. It was Masquerade or School for the night, and I could have dressed up in the token naughty school -girl outfit that’s in my costume cupboard (which you kind of need when you start attending lots of parties like this), but guess who completely forgot about the theme!

Oh yes, it was me… But thankfully I’m obviously not the first as there was a line up of gorgeous masks at the welcome table. We picked something to match our sexy outfits (the little black dress that every girl should own), and went in to meet up with our potential playmates for the night.

There were a few familiar faces, which is always nice, and a few new ones which made things even more exciting! It was also a great way to meet up with people we hadn’t had a chance to play with but have been chatting to for months. Finally! Sorry, I digress…

As per normal there were places to put our jackets (and clothes later on), a line up of different glasses to go with whatever we brought to drink, a platter of meats and yummy things to nibble on, and a place to lock up valuables (all very cool!) Oh and the jelly snakes are great to grab in between sessions to keep energy up, or at least boost the blood sugar!

So mingling and a few drinks for the first hour ish, and then people started stripping off and disappearing down stairs where all the fun is had. I didn’t hang back as long as I did last time, at the same time I was in no rush to jump straight in. I actually made my way around and enjoyed some light playing and kissing before I connected with my first real play of the night (and what a play!)

As much as I’d love to tell you more about what I personally got up to, a lady doesn’t kiss and tell and the review isn’t of the playmates performance (which is not in question anyway).

Playing went on until the wee hours of the morning, a few phone numbers were swapped and a few of us hung out for a cup of tea or coffee in the dining room before we left after 4am. How very civilized of us! I love that our hosts offer it once it’s clear we’re all done playing.

Areas it could be improved:

  • To be honest, I can’t think of much. Perhaps some M&M’s? lol!
  • Other than that, potentially running some other events for people who don’t fall within their current vetting parameters, as it’s a shame that they should miss out on being at such a classy venue.


Overall we had another great night at The Monkey Club and again we were completely impressed with the quality of the venue, the hosts and the other couples that came… (no pun intended).

Would I go again?

Is there a “hell yeah!” option? Then yes, absolutely! More than once I’m sure.

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely, it’s a high-class party for the adventurous and naughty at heart, and a fabulous venue, which is great for couples that enjoy stylish over seedy.

Is it beginner friendly?

It’s a great place for new couples that might want to dip their toes into the scene, or just go somewhere new to have an exciting night together, with some live action happening around them. It’s no pressure and a fantastic playground for any couple.

Please check them out here, and if you make it along to one of their awesome parties, tell them Chantelle sent you! Oh and maybe I’ll see you there, we might just become regulars at this rate…

(You can also check out photos of the venue plus the review I did of their Pussy Kats Party here)