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Alternative Dating Coaches

dating coach


Discover a new horizon in your dating life with Manic Workshops Dating Coaching, the premier choice for men aspiring to embrace an alternative dating lifestyle. Chris’s unique approach, focusing on authentic and natural interactions, equips you with the essential skills and confidence to navigate the complex world of modern dating, attraction and relationships. Whether you’re interested in exploring the realms of open relationships, seeking multiple consensual partnerships, or simply aiming to find that perfect connection, Chris offers expert guidance based on over a decade of practical experience.

Tantra Practitioners - USA


At Tantra Boston, Simone offers a deeply transformative tantra experience. Her approach is rooted in traditional practices, tailored to foster healing, personal growth, and spiritual awakening. Simone’s sessions are known for their warmth and depth, guiding individuals and couples towards a more connected and harmonious life.


Simone, featured on Tantric Massage Boston, specializes in tantric massage that harmonizes body and spirit. Her technique is a blend of ancient wisdom and therapeutic touch, designed to release tension and awaken sensual energy. Clients leave feeling rejuvenated and more deeply connected to their inner selves.

New York City

On Tantric Massage New York, Sagarra brings a unique energy to tantric massage. Her sessions are a journey into sensual awakening, blending relaxation techniques with tantric rituals. Sagarra’s approach is nurturing and enlightening, making her a sought-after practitioner in New York.

New York City

Sagarra, featured on Sensual Tantra NYC, offers a holistic tantric experience. Her sessions are designed to harmonize mind, body, and spirit, using sensuality as a pathway to deeper self-understanding and emotional release.


At Tantra DC, Sagarra provides an immersive tantra practice. Her approach is both spiritual and sensual, focusing on healing and personal transformation. Clients appreciate her deep understanding of tantric philosophy and its application in modern life.

Fort Lauderdale

The practitioner at Tantra Fort Lauderdale is renowned for their holistic approach to tantra. They offer a space where individuals can explore their sensual and spiritual selves in a safe, nurturing environment.


The expert at Tantra Vegas offers a unique blend of tantra in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. Their sessions are designed to be transformative, combining ancient tantric rituals with a modern approach to spiritual and sensual wellness.

Los Angeles

At Tantric Massage Los Angeles, Aurelie provides a deeply sensual tantric massage experience. Her technique is a fusion of traditional and contemporary practices, offering a pathway to relaxation and inner harmony.

Los Angeles

At Tantra Los Angeles, Aurelie guides clients through a journey of tantric exploration. Her sessions are known for their depth and authenticity, helping clients to connect with their spiritual and sensual selves

San Diego

Danielle, featured at Sensual Massage San Diego, offers a unique and rejuvenating tantric massage experience. Her approach is deeply intuitive, blending sensual touch with spiritual practices to foster healing and emotional release.


Amber, from Tantric Hawaii, blends the natural beauty of Hawaii with traditional tantric practices. Her sessions are about rejuvenation and spiritual connection, helping clients to find balance and harmony in their lives.

San Francisco

At Tantric Massage San Francisco, Leela offers a transformative tantric experience, blending spiritual wisdom with intuitive touch. Her nurturing approach fosters deep healing and self-discovery, creating a safe space for personal growth and sensual awakening. 

Tantra Practitioners - Europe


At Tantra Stockholm & Uppsala, Lisa provides an authentic tantra experience in Stockholm and Uppsala. Her sessions are a journey into self-awareness and sensual awakening, tailored to individual needs and aimed at holistic healing.


Lisa, from Tantra Massage Stockholm, specializes in tantric massage, focusing on the harmonization of body and mind. Her sessions are a blend of relaxation and spiritual practices, offering a unique pathway to inner peace and sensual discovery.

tantra berlin


Try a unique path to inner harmony and sensual enlightenment with K at Tantra Berlin. As a long-time dedicated practitioner of tantra, K crafts each session into a profound exploration of body and spirit. Integrating tantric massage, with the most revolutionary sex coaching practices, K’s approach will nurture and inspire, offering a transformative experience for people of all genders.

Tantra Practitioners - UK


Discover the transformative world of Tantra London with the UK’s fastest growing practitioner, K. In the bustling heart of the city, K offers tantric sessions and sex coaching for all genders. Her sessions are a personalized journey of healing, growth and discovery. K merges the wisdom of traditional tantra with powerful modern sex techniques, providing a profound opportunity for individuals and couples who are seeking more out of life, and their relationship.

tantra london


Tamar’s Tantra London sessions offer profound tantric healing, especially aimed at empowering women through sacred sexuality. Tamar guides visitors in embracing the divine feminine through yoni massage and breathwork exercises that promote rebirth and rejuvenation. Her sessions and mentorship cater to both genders, designed to elevate one’s spiritual and sexual journey.

Tantra Practitioners - Asia

Thailand - Koh Phangan

At Tantra Koh Phangan, Karen and Michal offer a unique tantra practice amidst the serene beauty of Koh Phangan. They combine traditional tantra techniques with elements of meditation and mindfulness, creating a space for healing and exploration of intimate connections.


Svetlana, from Tantric Massage Bali, offers an exotic and profound tantric experience. Her sessions are a blend of traditional Balinese techniques and modern tantra, creating a unique and transformative experience for her clients.

tantra chiang mai

Thailand - Chiang Mai

Join Julia at Tantra Chiang Mai for an immersive experience in tantric bodywork. Julia’s sessions are a sanctuary where ancient tantra traditions meet mindful modern healing. Her approach to tantric massage and tantra training is deeply nurturing, offering men, women, and couples a path to spiritual and sensual awakening amid the tranquil beauty of the Thai mountains.

Tantra Practitioners - Australia & NZ


 Tantra Melbourne features Awyn, a practitioner who blends traditional tantra with contemporary healing techniques. Awyn’s sessions are known for their depth and sensitivity, guiding clients on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual connection.


At Evoke Eros, Mandy provides a healing massage experience infused with tantric principles. Her approach is both therapeutic and spiritually enriching, helping clients to find balance and rejuvenation. Adding to this transformative experience, Mandy’s Sensual Massage Auckland presents a distinctively different approach, merging expert erotic touch techniques within a tranquil setting to elevate both physical and emotional well-being.


Sylvia, from Tantra Perth, is a skilled tantra practitioner. Her sessions are focused on healing and personal empowerment, using tantra to help clients explore their sensual energies and emotional depths.


BDSM Melbourne features Sai, a practitioner who combines traditional BDSM elements with tantra. Sai’s sessions offer a safe and consensual space for exploration, emphasizing trust, connection, and the journey of self-discovery.


At BDSM Sydney, Sai provides a unique fusion of BDSM and tantric practices. Her approach is respectful and enlightening, catering to those who seek a deeper understanding of their desires and boundaries within a safe, supportive environment.


Our therapist at Prostate Massage Perth offers a specialized tantric prostate massage. Her approach is therapeutic and holistic, focusing on both physical and emotional aspects of wellbeing, and providing a unique and nurturing experience

Tantra Practitioners - Central America

Costa Rica

At Tantric Massage Costa Rica, Sagarra offers an immersive tantric experience in the lush surroundings of Costa Rica. Her sessions are about connecting with nature and oneself, using tantra as a tool for healing and personal growth.


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